Multiple Intelligence
Learning Environment

To become a little legend, it’s not about how intelligent you are, but the way in which you are intelligent. We promote the development of all eight intelligences through the Multiple Intelligence-based curriculum. With this framework, we identify ways that children learn best, shaping them into 21st century learners. We engage multiple teaching tools to build positive relationships and to foster meaningful learning experiences. By honouring individual needs and strengths, every child is nurtured to their fullest potential.


At Picasso, little ones get to nurture their appreciation of art forms. Just like the well-known and multi-talented artist, Picasso, children get to explore creative art such as drawing, painting, printing and sculpting. They will learn to observe, visualise and express themselves through basic elements of art which include lines, shapes, values, form, patterns and colours. 

Children are encouraged to represent their thoughts and emotions creatively through art education. Art education teaches young children on how to interpret and use visual information to make choices. They are also guided to share their thoughts and feelings about the artwork of various international and local artists as well as their friends’ masterpieces.


Shakespeare, famous for being one of the greatest writers and poets of all time, inspires us to nurture the language and literacy skills of little ones. Through storytelling, rhymes, vocabulary building, reading and writing activities, children will progress in their understanding and use of language, making them stronger communicators.

With effective communication, your child will be able to interact and build relationships. Immersing your child in a print-rich environment helps to reinforce language skills through speaking, listening as well as reading. It instills in children a love of books from a very young age.


Gaining inspiration from Michelangelo’s architectural works, we guide your child to design and build structures using blocks and other materials. They will learn about proportion, symmetry, design and representation while being actively engaged.

Constructing enables children to visualise abstract thoughts and ideas, as well as transfer their images into solid creations. While working on their spatial awareness, they practice and refine their eye-hand coordination, muscle control and fine motor skills.


We encourage your child to observe, explore and appreciate the diversity of life in our natural world. Like the famous naturalist, Darwin, they will learn to appreciate the weather, plants and animals, gaining a better understanding about the different stages of change in life.

Moving beyond the classroom, we expose children to various natural environments such as gardens and parks. We nurture their love, care and respect for nature, teaching them that our behaviors and actions can affect the natural environment we live in.


Inspired by the talented pianist and composer Beethoven, we nurture your child’s natural interest for music. Through the influence of different genres of music and songs, children will participate in listening, singing, dance, music & movement activities.

We provide opportunities for children to learn about the basic elements of music such as dynamics, tempo, pitch and rhythm through a variety of activities. These include experimenting with their voice, playing musical instruments and other objects to create sounds, and moving their bodies in rhythm to music.

We strive to develop children’s natural fascination with dance to stimulate neurological growth. Through kinesthetic learning, children in dance class learn to imitate, follow directions, remember steps, understand patterns and associate movement with emotional expression. Children learn to appreciate art and culture when exposed to the unique dance forms enjoyed in countries around the world. Dancing brings people together and preserves rich cultural traditions.


We guide your child to develop fitness, mobility, agility, coordination and spatial awareness, just like the legendary hero Hercules who was known for his physical strength and bravery. Children will progressively build their essential and functional gross motor skills all within a safe and supportive environment. This includes activities such as running, balancing, jumping, hopping, climbing and maneuvering through obstacles. Through our varied activities, we boost your child’s confidence, resilience and perseverance.


Following in the footsteps of the brilliant scientist and mathematician, Einstein, your child will be immersed in a world of logic, math and science. We cultivate a strong sense of wonder and curiosity in your child by allowing them to explore numbers and scientific concepts through experimental activities. This ultimately strengthens their reasoning and problem-solving skills, preparing them for more complex challenges in the future.


Your child will learn to act out their own life experiences through role-play in a fun and risk-free setting, just like the versatile and iconic Charlie Chaplin. Through imaginative play with peers and teachers, they will learn to lead, share, and work together to bring different scenarios and events to life.

Dramatising allows your child to communicate through facial expressions, gestures and mannerisms. By taking on different roles and characters, this develops their social and emotional skills. This helps them gain a better understanding of themselves and the people around them, making them empathetic and responsible individuals.