To be a pre-school of choice for parents by partnering with them to prepare their children for life in school and beyond


Discover and Develop Innate Potential of Every Child.

We believe that every child has their own unique mix of strengths, and the Carpe Diem Journey is built to help them unlock their full potential.


Welcome to Carpe Diem!

Seize the day with us! Immerse your child in a positive environment, where they learn to embrace life with zest and enthusiasm. Our Multiple Intelligence-based learning curriculum helps uncover and develop potentials, nurturing your little ones into little legends.

We strive to be partners with families and teachers equally passionate in shaping young minds. The Carpe Diem family comprises a team of committed educators who mould little ones into 21st century learners, equipping them with essential life skills.

Our centres have been recognised for the continued efforts in providing quality preschool education. Since 2002, Carpe Diem has grown to include 32 centres islandwide, serving 2,500 families.

At Carpe Diem, every child is well taken care of. Our competent teachers guide little ones into happy and confident little legends of the future. Put your trust in us and we commit to providing the best preschool experience both memorable and endearing to you and your child.

Pauline Woo
Carpe Diem Group Director


Carpe Diem teachers uncover the innate abilities of every child, nurturing and inspiring them to reach their fullest potential. With our Multiple Intelligence-based curriculum, teachers are equipped with the tools and methodologies necessary to provide active learning experiences that bring out the talents of our little legends. Our teachers embrace professional growth, possess key traits such as creativity, confidence, competence and passion that translates well into every child’s learning.