How does Carpe Diem’s Multiple Intelligence-based curriculum support my child’s reading and writing development?

Carpe Diem preschools’ Multiple Intelligence-based curriculum aims to develop the eight innate intelligences of every child. One of the eight intelligences is Linguistic Intelligence.

Linguistic intelligence deals with children’s ability to understand both spoken and written language, as well as their ability to speak and write. By developing this intelligence, they will have the ability to use language to express themselves well. Public speakers and writers have high levels of linguistic intelligence. A high linguistic intelligence begins with learning to read and write at an early age. In this article, we share three great ways Carpe Diem’s Multiple Intelligence-based curriculum supports your child’s reading and writing development to build high linguistic intelligence:

  1. Innovative and engaging language activities

Carpe Diem Preschools’ Multiple Intelligence based curriculum provides a variety of unique language-centric activities to better engage our children in reading and writing. Our early childhood educators conduct dynamic and fun-filled activities such as word-matching games, crossword puzzles, dramatization, storytelling, recitation of poems and rhymes. For older children, we encourage them to spell words through decoding and invented spelling

2. A reading space called Shakespeare

In our Shakespeare learning space, we provide a large variety of high-quality and bilingual reading materials that are readily accessible to our children. We also adopt the Shared Book Reading approach to develop adult-child participation in the reading process. This emphasizes reading for meaning and enjoyment over just accurate decoding. Big books are traditionally used as a shared reading text type. The larger picture sizes help children to focus their attention and follow the story better while listening as the teacher reads. Big books are known to be more fun and exciting for children to experience in comparison to smaller, wordier reading texts.

3. Early childhood educators who specialie in language learning

Top kindergartens in Singapore typically have two prominent qualities. Firstly, they should provide an engaging and effective curriculum. Next, their educators should also be well-trained and qualified to deliver the benefits of the aforementioned curriculum. At Carpe Diem Preschools, our dedicated early childhood educators are motivated and passionate about learning new ways to enhance their student’s reading and writing abilities. Children learn to read and write differently and have different learning speeds. We recognise each child’s unique learning style and help them improve with the right learning materials that will build their confidence as well as maximise their full potential.

Carpe Diem day-care centres in Singapore offer a robust Multiple Intelligence Curriculum that nurtures our children’s reading and writing abilities to their fullest potential at an accelerated pace. Reach out to us to find out in greater detail more about our curriculum and learn how, together, we can raise your child as a Little Legend!