Learning Beyond The Classrooms

Outdoor Science Learning

Outdoor learning provides children with opportunities to connect with the natural world, fostering a sense of wonder, curiosity, and appreciation for the environment. Being in nature offers unique sensory experiences, such as feeling different textures, hearing natural sounds, and observing plants which can stimulate children’s senses and promote their understanding of the world.

Outdoor Math Learning

Outdoor math learning is a creative and engaging way to teach mathematical concepts and skills while taking advantage of the natural environment. It allows children to see math in action, make real-world connections, and experience math concepts in a hands-on and meaningful way.

Motor Skills Activities

Motor skills development involves the refinement of both gross motor skills (involving larger muscle groups for movements like crawling, walking, running, jumping) and fine motor skills (involving smaller muscle groups for activities like grasping objects, writing, and buttoning).

Infant Outdoor Learning

Outdoor environment offers a multitude of stimuli that can engage and stimulate infants’ cognitive development. They can observe natural elements, such as trees, flowers, or animals, and make connections between objects and their surroundings. Outdoor activities also provide opportunities for infants to engage in exploratory play and problem-solving.

Trip to the Zoo

Our little legends took a field trip to the Singapore Zoo where they observed the different species of animals. This activity sparked the curiosity of little ones, and we further encouraged them to ask questions and learn more.

Community Garden Visit

Recently, our little legends paid local gardeners a visit at the Community Garden! They had a chance to practice their communication skills by interacting with the gardeners as well as learning more about science and nature.

Science Centre Visit

Our little legends took a field trip to the Singapore Science Centre where they were able to observe the effect of natural disasters such as earthquake and typhoon. They mustered their courage to deepen their understanding of natural disasters through interaction with the various exhibits. It was definitely a mind-blowing experience!

Primary School Visit

Recently, our little legends visited Pei Hwa Primary School and Bukit Timah Primary School where they experienced what it’s like being in primary school. At Carpe Diem, we nurture little ones and help them prepare for the transition from kindergarten to primary school.

Annual Camps

Legends are made, not born. At our annual camps organised by the centres, little ones are given the opportunity to demonstrate confidence, independence and teamwork through the various activities curated especially for them.

A Visit to Far East Flora

Little ones are always curious. Recently, our little legends visited the plant nursery to discover and explore different types of plants and to learn about its growth and characteristics. After the walk-through around the nursery, they participated in a scavenger hunt to identify the different types of plants and flowers.

S.E.A. Aquarium Visit

Our little legends recently visited the S.E.A. Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa that houses more than 100,000 marine animals! With the help of our friendly guide, they were taken on an unforgettable journey and learnt fascinating facts about the marine life.