Developing your child’s confidence through communication activities at Carpe Diem preschools

Communication and confidence are some of the most important aspects of early child development. Having conversations with your children encourages them to express their needs and desires. If they lack the confidence to do so, they might struggle to ask for help when its required.

Nurturing your child’s communication abilities at a young age is critical for building their confidence. When your child can speak fluently and confidently with others, they will be understood and accepted by their peers. As such, their self-confidence grows. In this article, we share three types of communication activities we use at our Carpe Diem Preschools across Singapore to develop children’s communication abilities and confidence.

  1. Hands-on learning activities

The best childcare centres in Singapore often involve children in active learning activities for cognitive development. Hands-on activities such as creative storytelling and phonics games will develop conversational skills and also enhance literacy in children. Through these activities, your children can learn the proper pronunciation of words. This gives them the confidence to use those words regularly in conversation with their peers. In doing so, their confidence grows when they feel accepted by their peers.

2. Targeted small group learning activities

Children best develop interpersonal and intrapersonal skills in small group learning activities. Most preschools include class discussion and collaboration in their lessons. At Carpe Diem Preschools, we practise communication and language skills in small groups daily. Our children share ideas, jokes and recount interesting stories to forge friendships with each other, and also learn more about how others think and react. With constant repetition of such activities in a relaxed environment, our children’s confidence in their social and communication skills grow.

3.Play-based learning opportunities

Learning processes developed through play is necessary for the development of your child’s communication skills. Children thrive in a positive and fun-filled environment. In Carpe Diem preschools, our communication activities are selected carefully after considering your child’s learning style. To enhance their communication and emotional skills, our children learn through dramatization and role-play activities. Acting helps build their confidence to express and articulate their thoughts and emotions effectively.

As one of the best preschools in Singapore, we are confident that our learning environment will unlock the full potential of your child. Our multiple intelligence based curriculum identifies and nurtures children into capable communicators and confident individuals. Reach out to us to find out more about how we can help your child to be more confident today!