Building Your Child’s Resilience

Building your child’s resilience is crucial as it is the foundation upon which other traits are built. Resilience is the ability of an individual to bounce back after facing a certain degree of adversity or stress.  When children grow to be more resilient, they are more confident, courageous, and capable of dealing with challenges.

It is never too early to start building your child’s resilience. Resilience is not exclusive to the genetically blessed and can be nurtured at practically any age. In fact, the brain and biological systems of a human being are the most adaptable in the early stages of life. As one of the best childcare centres in Singapore, Carpe Diem Preschools seek to unlock the fullest potential of your children by developing their resilience at an early age.

3 Top Tips To Build Your Child’s Resilience

  1. Establish relationships

When your children socialise and connect with others, it provides social support and strengthens resilience and empathy with the parties involved. Likewise, a stable and committed relationship with a supportive parent/caregiver enables the child to develop qualities such as planning ability and observation skills. Parents and caregivers are the primary role models for their children. Children are more likely to build resilience when they can emulate role models that are capable of displaying calmness and confidence in challenging situations.

2. Positive Reinforcement

If your child is having difficulty coping in tough situations, you could remind him or her of former situations that they performed well in. If your child has displayed confidence in certain circumstances- such as in classrooms, let them know they did a good job. This boosts your child’s confidence and motivates them to be more confident and resilient in other scenarios as well. Even small gestures of encouragement such as ‘Good job! You played so well with your cousins’ goes a long way.

Avoid backhanded compliments or veiled insults such as ‘What happened! You were doing great just now’ or ‘You are really improving; this is much better compared to what you were doing just now’. Reminding children of their failures is rarely helpful as it induces doubt in them. Doubt hinders optimism, which goes hand in hand with resiliency.

3.Regular Exercise

It is firmly established that exercise is an effective way of building your child’s resilience in a fun and engaging manner. Exercise helps develop their mental strength and makes them more resilient to adversity and stress. Carpe Diem Preschools’ Multiple Intelligence based curriculum includes a customised physical activity programme specifically tailored to help your child develop fitness, coordination, and other motor skills within a safe and supportive environment. As one of the top preschools in Singapore, reach out to us to find out how we could be partners in raising resilient Little Legends for tomorrow