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Message from Group Director

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Carpe Diem - Seize The Day with us!

Give your child the opportunity to discover and embrace life with zest and enthusiasm. Every day is to be approached with fun and confidence, ready to explore and discover.

Here at Carpe Diem, we passionately believe that each child is UNIQUE in their talents, strengths and personalities and we aspire to bring out the best of their potential. Our Multiple Intelligence based learning focus on engaging children in quality interactions and providing them with a variety of learning experiences, enabling them to thrive and achieve their own success while they are young.

As parents, we understand and share your sentiments of ensuring your child is well taken care and guided by competent and passionate teachers and staff so that they can grow to be active, happy and confident children.

You put your trust in us and we commit to provide the best preschool experiences both memorable and endearing to you and your child.

We pride ourselves to be your partner in preparing your child for life in school and beyond!

Yours sincerely
Pauline Woo
Carpe Diem Group Director

Unlocking your
child's potential

At Carpe Diem, we believe that every child has their own unique mix of strengths

In partnership with parents, we help our children unlock their full potential and build a strong foundation for their future.

Over a Decade
of Experience

Carpe Diem was established in 2002 by Mr Francis Ng, as he saw a need for quality child care services for his young children.

We now have 31 centres island-wide, serving 2,500 families.

Our Programmes


Pioneers in Multiple Intelligences

First childcare in Singapore to pioneer an integrated holistic curriculum using Multiple Intelligences-based approach.


Bilingual Learning Environment

Immerse your child early in a bilingual learning environment to help them master bilingualism confidently in school.


Strong Partnership with Parents

We engage and work collaboratively with you through organising family bonding activities, providing home-learning support, sharing your child learning and progress through regular communications.