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Journey as explorers


Carpe Diem’s Nursery Programme is designed to stimulate your child’s natural curiosity to learn by immersing them in a nurturing environment where they engage in active play, multi-sensory activities, creative self-expression and peer collaboration.

During the early nursery years, your child will discover basic shapes and colours, numbers, simple words and phrases through rhymes, finger plays and stories, art and craft, music and movement.

Through group play, they develop social skills and by learning to finish simple daily tasks under our teachers’ guidance, they grow in confidence and independence.

During the later nursery years , creative thinking and creative expression feature prominently in a child’s learning development.

Your child will learn to create and construct ideas, expressing them verbally and socially. As their vocabulary and social interactions with their peers and teachers expand, they become more confident communicators. For complex learning activities, peer cooperation in the form of group work and group play is encouraged.

At Carpe Diem, learning flourishes in an active learning environment  that fosters holistic child development.