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  • Healthy & Blessed Chinese New Year

    imagesCarpe Diem wishes all children, parents and staff a healthy & blessed Chinese new year.



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Programmes & Curriculum

Our Curriculum

programme-overview_121023_07 Knowing that each child is unique, our Multiple Intelligence-based curriculum aims to enhance your child’s strengths and abilities.  Guided by this approach, the curriculum at Carpe Diem childcare centers  includes  daily learning activities that develop your child’s language and literacy skills (Verbal-linguistic intelligence), understanding of basic number concepts (Logical-mathematical intelligence), social skills (Inter-personal intelligence), self-awareness (intra-personal intelligence), and physical skills (Bodily-kinaesthetic intelligence). There are also opportunities for your child  to enjoy and appreciate art,  music, and nature (Visual Spatial Intelligence; Musical intelligence;  Naturalistic intelligence). 

 Within the philosophy of the MI based curriculum is a belief that we should embrace a child’s strengths in learning and to use these strengths to help him moderate his weaknesses.  Through regular observations and use of developmental checklists that follow the 8 Intelligences, our teachers create unique developmental profiles of your child and track his progress. With this better understanding of your child we will be more effective in motivating him to be a self-directed and enthusiastic learner who is moving towards achieving his full potential.

Our MI learning centres are equipped with a variety of developmentally age-appropriate materials to support , extend and reinforce your child’s learning experiences.   Knowing that your child is intrinsically motivated to play and learns best by doing, our teachers provide numerous project-based, hands-on activities that are guided by MI philosophy to encourage your child to explore, discover, and learn in a stimulating and fun environment.

Understanding the importance of bilingualism,  our curriculum also includes a bilingual programme that has an equal focus on English and Chinese Language development in the early years.