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Programme Timings

Full Day Mon- Fri, 7am - 7pm
Half Day Mon - Fri, 7am - 1pm, 1pm - 7pm
Saturday 7am - 2pm

Journey As Explorers


Nurturing curious and confident learners

Carpe Diem's Nursery Programme is designed to stimulate your child's natural curiousity to learn by immersing them in a nurturing environment where they engage in active play, multi-sensory activities, creative self-expression and peer collaboration.

During the early nursery years , your child will discover basic shapes and colours, numbers, simple words and phrases through rhymes, finger plays and stories, art and craft, music and movement.

Through group play, they develop social skills and by learning to finish simple daily tasks under our teachers' guidance, they grow in confidence and independence .

In the  later nursery years , creative thinking and verbal linguistic skills feature prominently in a child's learning development.

Your child will learn to create and construct ideas, expressing them verbally and socially. They are also encouraged to play and work collaboratively in small and big groups. As their vocabulary and social interactions with their peers and teachers expand, they become more confident learner. 

At Carpe Diem, learning flourishes in an active learning environment that fosters holistic child development.

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Journey As Thinkers


Becoming critical thinkers

Get your child ready for primary school with our Kindergarten Programme . The focus is on developing your child's critical thinking skills so they can undertake even more complex learning activities such as writing short sentences, addition and subtraction, patterning and sequencing.

Your child will be immersed in a variety of activities where they will learn about responsibility, respect for others, resolving conflicts, and expressing themselves confidently through words and gestures. These skills will prepare your child for success in school and beyond .

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Our Learning Corners

At Carpe Diem, we design unique centralized learning corners set up outside the classrooms and equip them with a variety of resources and materials. The hands-on activities carried out in the learning corners focus on sensorial and purposeful play to promote quality interactions and foster collaborative learning. All these are an extension of classroom teaching and learning for different age groups.

Our teachers facilitate and scaffold children’s learning according to their abilities. Children are encouraged to take risks, problem solve, make decisions, resolve conflicts and work collaboratively with one another. They are also guided to respect diversity and develop their social awareness through understanding the feelings and perspectives of others.

Through activities carried out at each learning corners, we develop your child holistically in all areas of Multiple Intelligences to be a competent and confident learner preparing them for life in school and beyond.



Art Corner



Literacy Corner



Blocks Corner






Music Corner



Gym Corner



Science Corner



Drama Corner

Beethoven Music Corner

Inspired by the talented pianist and composer Beethoven, we look to nurture your child’s natural interest for music. Through the influence of different genres of music and songs, children will participate in listening, singing and dancing activities.

We provide opportunities for children to learn about the basic elements of music like dynamics, tempo, pitch and rhythm through a variety of activities. These include experimenting with their voice, playing with musical instruments and objects to create sounds and moving their body to music.