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  • Healthy & Blessed Chinese New Year

    imagesCarpe Diem wishes all children, parents and staff a healthy & blessed Chinese new year.



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Foreword by Founder

Dear parent,

Carpe Diem! Means “Seize The Day!”.

It captures the enthusiasm and the exuberance of children. Every day is to be approached with zest and open-mindedness, ready to explore and discover.

At Carpe Diem, we believe that each child is UNIQUE. They have their own strengths, personalities, learning abilities and innate talents. Uncovering their hidden talents or simply sharing their flights of fantasies is a reward in itself and always a joy. Our curriculum based on the Multiple Intelligences (MI) approach is designed to accentuate and develop your child’s inherent abilities.

The childcare business is a very personal one. Parents entrust their precious little ones to the care of these centres. Trust has to be built and bonds nurtured. It is a partnership between the parents and centres, never just a business transaction.

Today, Carpe Diem represents quality childcare services at affordable prices. But most importantly, to our parents, we represent compassion, sincerity and commitment to the development of your child.

We look forward to having your child over at our centres, and be a partner in your child’s development.

Yours sincerely
Francis Ng
Founder Director