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  • Healthy & Blessed Chinese New Year

    imagesCarpe Diem wishes all children, parents and staff a healthy & blessed Chinese new year.



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Carpe Diem Environment

To complement our Multiple Intelligences based curriculum all our centres are designed and focus-built incorporating the learning corners to facilitate the development of the children different intelligences.

The physical learning corners provide more than just another space. They are animated with stimulating activities and promote social interaction among children. In the learning corners children are actively engaged in exploratory and discovering learning, optimising their potential to excel in their specific capabilities.

Our outdoor learning environment is child-friendly and safe providing abundance opportunities for nature awareness, experiential learning and gross motor skills development.

Our unique learning corners include:

We have a complete environment where our children and teacher work and learn together, fostering a bond between them and eventually develops confidence in the children. At Carpe Diem, our teachers are the key element as they are the HEART of our values. They arepassionate, truly care and love the children, always wanting to guide them to their best.