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Center Information

Carpe Diem Springs


Nestled in the idyllic estate of Spottiswoode Park, Carpe Diem Springs promises a fun-filled learning journey for your child.
The spacious 4,200 sq ft centre is cosy and friendly. It offers abundant opportunities to enhance your child’s strengths and abilities through activities like music & movement, speech & drama, reading, artwork, manipulative play and even outdoor activities like gardening. Hence our children are always engaged in interactive and experiential learning.


Blk 108 Spottiswoode Park Road,
Singapore 080108

Opening Hours

Monday to Fridays: 7am-7pm
Saturday: 7am-2pm


6225 6700

Facilities & Programmes


Spacious indoor gym, well-equipped learning corners, outdoor activities, sports and gardening in the Spottiswoode Park Garden.


Toddler Class; Nursery; Kindergarten; Half Day; Full Day



"Carpe Diem Springs have done a good job for taking care of our boy while we are at work. We also understand from our neighbours that the homework assigned to our child over the week is more difficult than theirs. Thank you for all the teachers’ efforts!"

Parents of Zhi Qi (K2)

“This serves to express our heartiest appreciations towards an excellent quality professional service in pre-school educational cares as so far extended by Carpe Diem Springs (CDS) in our Spottiswoode Park Neighbourhood. What are most outstanding amongst CDS peers are none other than its unique teachers, staff and almost perfect ambience for promoting growth and advancement of our future leaders of our beloved Nation, Singapore. MOE should have provided more support to our kids and private enterprises like CDS henceforth.”

Parents and grandparents of Tan Hee and Tan Leng (K2)

“Nathen joined the K1 class in Carpe Diem Springs when he was 5 years old. He loves going to school. The environment is conducive, clean and the indoor decorations are colourful. The teachers are always friendly and helpful… The centre manager Ms Jervis joined the school early this year… She was warm and professional and that certainly gives me a lot of assurance that the centre will be good managed. True enough, There have been many outings, excursions and activities organised by Ms Jervis and her team of very capable teachers…Thanks, Ms Jervis and all teachers at Carpe Diem Springs!”

Parents of Nathen (K2)