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Center Information

Carpe Diem Schoolhouse - Toh Yi Drive

Located in a small and cozy neighbourhood in Toh Yi Drive, Carpe Diem Schoolhouse believes in building strong partnership with the Toh Yi community to enrich your child learning experiences. This is achieved through active participation in meaningful activities with our community partners. Your child learns in a real world contexts which enhance their skills in academics, social and emotion and problem-solving. They also learn about social responsibility to show care and respect to others and the environment.


Blk 5 Toh Yi Drive
Singapore 590005

Opening Hours

Monday to Fridays: 7am-7pm
Saturday: 7am-2pm


6468 2341


Facilities & Programmes


Our indoor learning environment is child-friendly, large and spacious to make it comfortable and conducive for your child to learn and play. Our learning corners are well equipped with a wide variety of resources and materials to support big and small group learning to promote quality interactions and hands-on activities.

Apart from our theme-based learning, your child has the opportunity to participate in project works to gain in-depth learning of a topic undertaken by a class. Project-based learning encourage children to collaborate with each other and solve challenges. They become engaged in their own learning while teachers facilitate and scaffold their learning.


Half Day & Full Day programmes available: Nursery, Kindergarten



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