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Center Information

Carpe Diem Kidz Universe


Located at Alexandra Park in a black and white colonial house setting, we have spacious outdoor and well-equipped learning facilities to provide children a holistic Multiple-Intelligence learning experience.
With nature at our surroundings, it will inspire children to explore and experiment new explorations through hands on learning activities outdoors and in the classroom. The Centre uses the Multiple Intelligence (MI) approach together with the Project Approach for its Curriculum.


3 Russels Rd (off Alexandra Rd)
Singapore 118282

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 7am-7pm


6274 3595 (O)  
8511 0995 (H) 

Facilities & Programmes


Outdoor: Rabbit farm, Flying Fox, Playground, Sandpit, Water play area, Trampoline, Fish Pond, Tricicyle playing area.

Indoor: Well equipped Classrooms, Learning Centres (Beethoven, Dramatic, Blocks, Einstein, Shakespeare, Manipulatives, Picasso and Cookery).


Infants; Nursery 1; Nursey 2; Kindgarten 1; Kindergarten 2
Half Day & Full Day programmes available

Optional enrichment programmes (Gym, Ballet, Karate, Mandarin Speech & Drama).



“I am very happy with the activities that Shaurya participates in at school. I love the fact that the school is in the midst of nature which provides opportunity for children to have outdoor play as part of their daily routines.
Shaurya is beginning to speak a lot more words and has learnt the
use of words such as ‘Please’, ‘Thank you’, ‘Sorry’ as well as colours, numbers and some alphabet. The teachers are warm, friendly and are doing a fantastic job. Thank you for taking such good care of Shaurya and contributing to his development.”

Parents of Shaurya (N1)

“We are satisfied with the activities which Carpe Diem has to offer. They are very varied. The environment is conducive, safe and clean too. Louis’s vocabulary has improved and he has become more and more independent in wanting to do more things himself.
The teachers are also friendly. We are overall very satisfied with Carpe Diem, the teacher and the staff.”

Parents of Louis (N2)

“The activities were well-planned and had realistic goals for Yikai based on his needs and interests. I am also happy that the schedule allows for continuity in learning and regular blocks of uninterrupted times for Yikai to engage and strike a balance between structured
and unstructured activities in building upon his linguistic, mathematical and logical intelligence.
He enjoyed the activities through play that are enjoyable and challenging. He feels loved and comfortable and is happy to be there. We would like to thank the teachers and staff for all their hardwork and love you have showered to the kids in school. Bravo!”

Parents of Yikai (N2)

“The activities offered by Carpe Diem are fun and engaging for the children. Renee enjoys school a lot. The environment is also homely and warm. Renee has learnt to be independent and enjoys the learning through play activities which are fun and allows them to be motivated to learn as they grow. The teachers are warm and cooperative. They will take the initiative to check on their well-being and provide timely feedback.”

Parents of Renee (K1)

"There is a variety of indoor, outdoor and external activities offered by Carpe Diem. The environment is great and my child has learnt many things like self-confidence, interacting with others, cooking and takes an interest in the things around her. The teachers are professional and patient. Keep up the good work!" 

Parents of Kiera (K2)




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