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Center Information

Carpe Diem Kidz Arena


Our centre is uniquely designed by a team of professional educators with our hallmark attention to quality learning through the creative and exciting use of both indoor and outdoor spaces. Our environments, from children work spaces to play areas are all designed to meet their developmental needs and requirements. Our team of teachers is caring, dedicated, creative and love children.


511, Upper Jurong Rd #02-04
Arena Country Club
Singapore 638366

Opening Hours

Monday to Fridays: 7am-7pm
Saturday: 7am-2pm


6266 7957

Facilities & Programmes


Well-equipped Learning Centres and classrooms, rock climbing wall, gymnasium, children’s kitchen, music & dance studio, outdoor playground and swimming pool


Toddler Class; Nursery 1, Nursery 2; Kindergarten 1, Kindergarten 2;
Half Day & Full Day programmes available.

Optional enrichment programmes (Gym, Ballet, Swimming, Mandarin Speech & Drama)



“The school provides a wide spectrum of activities to engage the children. Xan has developed very well and learnt a lot since he started school. We are happy that he is attentive in class and is a fast learner. We would like to thank all staff for their care and patience and keeping the environment safe and clean.”

Xan’s parents (Toddler)

“I've seen great improvement in Carla recently and I would sincerely like to thank her teachers for guiding her and moulding her. Also the activities that she has learnt from school improve her lifestyle and habits at home. Her teachers are patient and their love have impacted Carla greatly and I'm so glad that she loves school and teachers so much. Kuddos to the teachers who have taught her the correct morals of love and sharing.”

Carla’s parents (N1)

“The activities are very fun and robust (both in class and fieldtrips). My child has learnt how to interact with others. He has learnt rules and manners. The teachers are warm, friendly and nurturing. Thank you to all teachers and staff for taking good care of and teaching Zheng Xian.”

Zheng Xian’s parents (N2)

"My child has learnt many things from the teachers and pupils. She is able to read, write and count in English and Chinese. I appreciate all the good work the teachers have put in to teach and groom her. The environments offered are good. I find her engaged meaningfully. The annual overnight camp and concert are something my child looks forward for every year. Thanks for doing an amazing job!"

Asha Menon’s parents (K1)



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