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Centre Information

Carpe Diem Kidz

Housed in a sprawling colonial residences nestled among lush greenery and a spacious outdoor, Carpe Diem Kidz is an ideal Centre which provides children with an excellent learning environment. 
The Learning Centres are cosy and homely classrooms are designed to meet children’s developmental needs and requirements. The Centre uses the Multiple Intelligence (MI) approach together with the Project Approach for its Curriculum.


1B Royal Road (off Alexandra Road)
Singapore 118303

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 7am - 7pm
Sat: 7am - 2pm


6275 0995 (O)
8511 0995 (H)

Facilities & Programmes


Vegetables and fruits garden; rabbit animal farm;  fish pond;  sand pit, water play area;  trampoline, open field and outdoor playgrounds, well equipped Classrooms, Learning Centres (Beethoven, Dramatic, Blocks, Einstein, Shakespeare, Manipulatives, Picasso and Cookery).


Toddler Class;
Half Day & Full Day programmes available.

Free Music enrichment programme provided.
Optional Gym Kids enrichment programme available .



“The activities in the school are well-rounded and holistic. The environment is also surrounded by nature and is peaceful. Great school! Please keep the focus up in putting the kids at the center of everything. Thank you!”

Parents of Ming Yi (Toddler)

“The activities in school have been enriching for Rui Zhao. He is happy to go to school and has learnt a lot from the songs and activities which are taught there. The teachers have been helpful and gentle and this is critical in welcoming Rui Zhao to school every day. Well done teachers!”

Parents of Rui Zhao (Toddler)

“Anna enjoys the activities here a lot. The environment is very nice! We like the outdoors. This is one of the main reasons we have chosen this school. Anna has learnt a lot of things here. She has picked up quite a bit of English since she speaks mostly German. Thank you for supporting her in achieving this. The teachers are nice and accessible. Thank you so much for your dedication and commitment in working with children!”

Parents of Anna Eberhard (Toddler)

“I am impressed by the range of activities that the school provides to engage Nishi and her classmates. The activities are thoughtful and inculcate good motor skills and teamwork. Nishi has learnt to say a lot of words, pleasantries, the names of her teachers, to self-feed and pleasantly surprise us with a song or two!”

Parents of Nishi (Toddler)



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