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Carpe Diem Kids Academy


Located by Bougainvillea Park off Dunearn Road, Carpe Diem Kids Academy promises a host of fun-filled experiences close to Mother Nature, offering lush greenery with plenty of outdoor learning opportunities.

Our integrated Multiple Intelligence (MI) curriculum endeavours to accentuate your child’s strengths and abilities, to better understand and to embrace your child’s natural inclinations to bring out the best in him/her.


36 Watten Park (Off Dunearn Road)

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 7am-7pm
Saturday: 7am-2pm


6467 6601 (O)  
8121 6008 (H) 

Facilities & Programmes


Carpe Diem Kids Academy is conveniently located within walking distance from Tan Kah Kee MRT station on the circle line and immediately next to Bougainvillea Park where squirrels and birds roam free.

Our centre was converted from a landed corner semi-detached house with an outdoor Art Zone for free expressions and a beautiful garden providing our children plenty of opportunities for sand play, water play, tri-cycling and loads of fun on the playground facilities.  

Our garden also plays host to visiting butterflies, dragonflies and sometimes a home to Singapore’s little green pigeons in our own Willow tree. There is always something to discover amongst the large variety of plants and colourful flowers, extending learning beyond our cosy classrooms.  

Our indoor classrooms have large windows to benefit from the generous influx of natural light and fresh air from the surrounding park. The rooms are also equipped with air-conditioner units. 

Dedicated learning corners are specially designed to encourage our children to explore and enhance their holistic learning and MI development


Child care for children from 18 months to 6 years old. 
Full Day & Half Day programmes are available.



“First of all, I just want to say a Big Thank You a smooth and carefree transition into the wonderful family of Carpe Diem school. Both of my girls (K1 & N1) started with Carpe Diem start of this year, and with any change it is never an easy transition, but all the teachers at Carpe Diem have made of them feel at ease and let them be their own selves. 

As a kid, one of the most important feeling is to feel safe & secure and I believe the teachers at Carpe Diem makes my girls feel very much loved & cherished. Number of students per class is small and makes the whole student and teacher interaction very personal, as my girls loves learning from each of their teachers and often asks if I can invite the teachers over on the weekend – which just shows you how they can’t get enough of interacting with their teachers on a daily basis. 

The school’s curriculum is also very enriching from Speech & Drama classes (love the Chinese option) to Keyboard lessons to water play, it’s something that I wish I had when I was a child! Not only that, the school actively organizes field trips (based on their term’s learning topic) to showcase and translate their learning theme into reality which I think is a wonderful idea. Additionally, teachers are very responsive and have set up WhatsApp’s chat group for all the student’s parents so we have immediate access to kids’ work and play. 

I love Carpe Diem (Watten Park)’s drive way entrance as it is always updated with their previous outings and their happening for all classes, so whenever I drop or pick the girls up I love spending few moments looking through the pictures and seeing my kids belonging to such distinguishingly loving school family. 

Parent of Cordelia (K1) & Abigail (N1)



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