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Carpe Diem Juniors


Spanning over 8,000 sq ft, Carpe Diem Juniors features a large indoor gym, a kids boulder climbing wall and many other fun-filled learning corners, providing an environment where our integrated Multiple Intelligence (MI) programs are delivered to enhance your child’s intelligences.
Our 1-stop family friendly centre offers you under-one-roof facilities suited for little babies from 2 months to young learners in kindergarten.


PICO Creative Centre, 20 Kallang Ave
Lobby B, Level 3

Opening Hours

Monday to Fridays: 7am-7pm
Saturday: 7am-2pm


6296 1866 (O)
9272 6063 (H)

Facilities & Programmes


With over 8,000 square feet of space, our centre brought the great outdoors into the comfort and protection of shelter for our young ones. Regardless of rain or shine, we can have endless fun and learning every day! A huge gymnasium with an indoor boulder climbing wall, an indoor playground with a mini garden corner and a water play area complete with sunflower shower heads are some of our children’s favourite corners.   

More air plants, potted plants and a fish tank can be found around the centre. Our children go around to our different learning corners specially designed to stimulate their learning and encourage explorations. These learning corners allow activities to go beyond the classrooms to complement our Multiple Intelligence approach. 

Our centre also has a spacious and fully furnished Infant care section that is independent of the childcare facilities. Visit us soon to check out our facilities!


Infant care for children from 2 months to 17 months.
Child care for children 18 months to 6 years old.
Full Day, Half Day programmes are available.



"In the 7+ months that Elijah has been here, he has grown tremendously and well. This would not have been possible without the dedicated and loving care shown to him by the teachers at Carpe Diem. Thank you very much for taking such great care of Elijah and sharing his major milestones (first time rolling over, first time sitting, first time pulling to stand, first tooth…) with us. We are very grateful. Without your support, we would not be able to go to work each day knowing that he’s in good hands. As first time parents, we’ve definitely learnt a lot about childcare from you too. So once again, thank you very much for all your love and care for Elijah so far!"

Parents of Elijah Low (Infant)

"Very pleased with how the activities in school help develop different aspects of the child. Love the bilingual balance and how the songs and stories help children learn each language better. Very happy to hear the songs Cherise learnt in school, listen to the activities and games she played in school, knowing that she not only picked up knowledge and skills but also enjoyed herself. It’s a tough job managing so many children and parents. Thanks for all your efforts!"

Parents of Cherise Koh (K1)

"Carpe Diem @ PICO has a pool of seasoned teachers. Every day, we go to work with a peace of mind as James goes to school happy. Throughout the 15 months here, there has been minimum staff turnover, which is good for baby development as they prefer stability. The teachers here have been through thick and thin with us parents, accommodating his medical needs for nebulization and taking good care of him always. Lastly, the childcare is more than a day care that keeps babies alive, the teachers treat babies like their own and I like that they teach them the right things morally to be polite, caring and sharing. Awesome centre. Second baby is definitely coming back here as it’s the only place I can entrust my kids with. THANK YOU!"

Parents of James Chia (Infant, Toddler)

"The activities such as the play and trip to the zoo are enjoyable. The environment is a big, open space, ventilation and lighting is good. Teachers are very nice and accommodating. They listen to our concerns and provide adequate advice on them. My wife and I are happy with his progress. We are happy that he is able to interact with others. The teachers gave us good points on how we can reinforce what he learns at school to be applied at home."

Parents of James Au (Toddler)



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