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Carpe Diem Childcare Resort

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Blessed with a huge outdoor space, our children get to enjoy the fresh open air and develop their motor skills through a variety of outdoor activities, from learning to run, hop, jump, cycle to maneuver obstacles courses.

Planting and looking after the plants in our garden and observing nature, our children learn to respect and care for the natural environment . Playing in group or imaginative games , having fun with water or sand play, enable them to play collaboratively and explore with their senses.

Extending our learning from classrooms to our learning corners provides a variety of learning experiences for our children and develop them to be eager, confident learners.


Toddler; Nursery 1; Nursery 2; Kindergarten
Half Day & Full Day programmes available for children aged 18 months and above

A Big Thank You Teachers

A Big Thank You Teachers

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